Thursday, 18 December 2014

Buddy Blog Day 18: Happy Birthday Buddy

Buddy is 3 today and his favourite game is pass the parcel. Holly had wrapped up a surprise gift for the game which turned out to be a new top for John to wear to the Christmas party today. We all sang Happy Birthday to Buddy.

John had his last day at Nursery and Santa came to visit all the boys and girls. Holly and Buddy enjoyed some cake and party games with the other toys while we were out. John wanted to make Buddy a card but we ran out of time today.  Maybe we will make him a belated one tomorrow. That's usually my style anyway!

#SharingBuddysMagic #HollysHolidayHappiness

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Buddy Blog Day 17: Buddy Bubbles

Buddy was feeling a little ruddy after his baking yesterday so he decided to have a bubble bath. He had his towel turban on and a bath towel round to protect his dignity. He brought with him some lovely new soap and snowman bubble bath. He is now smelling as fresh as a daisy.

Holly brought gifts for John to give to his nursery teachers as it's his last day at Nursery before the Christmas break tomorrow.

#SharingBuddysMagic #HollysHolidayHappiness

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Buddy Blog Day 16: Buddy's Baffies

Buddy and Holly were found in the tree this morning. Buddy had on a pair of oversized baffies (slippers). Holly's note explained that she had bought them for Buddy but they were too big. She said she thought they might fit John and he was welcome to keep them.
John was delighted.  He said "It's so kind of Holly to do something kind for me today by bringing me elf baffies. Now I'm a proper elf like Buddy and I love love love them."

Monday, 15 December 2014

Buddy Blog Day 15: Cookie Monster

Head chef Buddy donned his hat and apron today. Armed with a baking bowl, spoon, cookie jar mix and his helpful assistants, he managed to knock up some delicious cookies. As there weren't really enough to share round the neighbours,  he suggested we buy some to take round. That is probably safer anyway although baking was closely monitored by Grandad Kevy.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Buddy Blog Day 14: While Mum is away the elves will play!

I had the night off and was out partying so it was Daddy's job to mind the elves. They got up to no good with Buddy swinging from the lights by the dog lead and Holly putting her feet up reading a book.

John still isn't too well today so it was a day in the house for Buddy and Holly. Just as well Holly makes a great nurse.

#SharingBuddysMagic #HollysHolidayHappiness

Buddy Blog Day 13: Hairdresser for Holly

Buddy went all hairtastic today and gave Holly a makeover.  Holly brought a box of celebrations to give to Vicky, John's (2nd) cousin and personal hair stylist. She cuts his hair every 6 weeks and has the patience of a saint. Holly was sporting a lovely festive hairband too.

Unfortunately John didn't make it to the hairdresser today his hair cut as John was ill. Poor wee soul.  Maybe next time Buddy! 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Buddy Blog Day 12: Happy Christmas Jumper Day

It's National Christmas Jumper Day today so Buddy and Holly got in the spirit with their festive attire. Holly brought money for John to give to his nursery who are raising money for Save the Children today. Buddy brought a tiny jumper tree decoration.

We all got in the Christmas spirit by going to my school to see my pupils nativity.  It feels so Christmassy with the shows and parties on the calendar this week. It won't be long now until the big day!